Management software ERP/CRM on Cloud environment for on-premises Mac and Windows servers, and SaaS (online software as a service)

Multi-language and multi-currency. 7 built-in languages and support for all currencies

100% Cloud integration. The first business management solution to integrate complete cloud support.

Cross platform to the core. Choose the way you want to run your business ERP

Powerful business management. High performance software based on 10 years of product evolution

Software as Service (SaaS)

Software as Service (SaaS)

Pay as you go and use it online. Free downloadable license after 3 years of service.

Cloud-Hosted License

Cloud-Hosted License

Get a lifetime license hosted on the Cloud on our dedicated servers. 100% cross platform. Switch from cloud to your computer and back to cloud.

Downloadable License

Downloadable License

Pay once, download and use it forever on your personal computer, local area network, or web server of any type, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS-X, and Linux.

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With new Gestix you keep track of your business income and expenses, do invoicing, manage bank accounts, watch and update the budget.

To get started, choose the type of solution that suits your current needs Cloud, Download or SaaS, and get your Gestix license now. Will soon be taking advantage of Gestix new features and ease of use.

Because Gestix integrates billing, sales, inventory, project costing (construction/maintenance), and financial planning in a fast paced environment that is very easy to use on any device.

Because Gestix is the only Cloud system that gives you complete freedom of choice about where to store all your business information throughout its duration and, when necessary, for archival purposes.

To get your billing software on the cloud does not necessarily mean to have your data in data centers operated by third parties. With Gestix you may have the programs and the data on your own premises or on virtual servers managed and accessible only by you.

And because Gestix is robust, fast and safe, giving your company a unique management solution, whatever its size.

Gestix presents high performance Cloud solutions with downloadable license for all operating systems Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Gestix covers all the departments of the organization in a centralized manner, with as much detail as needed. It combines financial planning, sales force and customer relationship, project costing, supply chain, and inventory management to a powerful billing system, field-proven with heavily loaded databases.

Aiming ease of use and robustness in the design and implementation of the software, Gestix minimizes the need for training and technical support allowing more resources to be dedicated to our customers and their businesses' challenges.

Westix-TI specializes in developing high performance business management software, favoring open source technologies and producing programs optimized for the most popular systems, including Macintosh, Windows and Linux.

Founded in 2004, Westix IT's mission is to launch an ERP 100% effective and compatible with the Cloud, which simplify life of managers and entrepreneurs.

Acquires the source code and rights to the software Gestix SPM - Customizable Modular System, an integrated management system developed between 1986 and 2002, with Informix technology in Unix, Xenix, Solaris and other systems. It also features two veterans of the original design in the new team. Your new, powerful Gestix is not born from nothing.

Fully developed from scratch with C++ object-programming to meet new operating systems and new databases, new Gestix Net is also the first management software on the Cloud and the first available for installation on Mac OS X.

Rui Cruz
Rui Cruz IEEE Science Education

The Gestix software responds satisfactorily to our management needs. We congratulate Westix for the sustained evolution of the system.