Management software ERP/CRM on Cloud environment for on-premises Mac and Windows servers, and SaaS (online software as a service)

Gestix Business

Swift billing, point of sale, inventory, suppliers, CRM, and more...

Gestix Enterprise

Integrated ERP + CRM solution with billing, management stocks and production, product...

Gestix Corporate

Advanced ERP + CRM solution covering logistics automation, after-sales service / RMA, ...

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Gestix is a comprehensive management system with certified billing, ERP + CRM, designed especially for full efficiency on the Cloud.

Gestix stands out of the top competitors product range by a faster operation, precision and resilience along the evolution of the company.

It has an affordable and efficient technical assistance in response to customer issues.

Gestix is fluid and precise in day to day operations, with any number of users to work simultaneously.

Gestix is very complete in customer management, inventory, production, warehouse, billing, and financial management.

The design of the Gestix database provides better performance even after years of use and hundreds of thousands of records.

The architecture "by modules" of Gestix enables solutions tailored to business needs. For example, start by the Gestix Business edition and evolve later to upgrade to a higher edition as Enterprise or Corporate.

The Gestix is available in various editions, each encompassing a greater or lesser number of features.

The Gestix Business edition is suitable for eCommerce, Cash & Carry, traditional store, supermarket, trading - import / export, retail and B2B as well as public (B2C) in general, where it is not necessary to manage more than a warehouse or store.

The Gestix Enterprise edition is suitable for technology companies, factories, wholesalers and distributors, international e-commerce, hotel units, small and medium enterprises in general.

The Gestix Corporate edition is suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises, whatever the activity, especially when looking for a complete yet flexible system with customizable, tunable features.

The Westix-IT company is a pioneer in providing certified management software and services over the Cloud and for Mac and Linux systems.

Marketed products are accessible in the cloud in various editions and under different names, also with versions for installation on Mac servers, Windows and Linux.

Technical assistance is efficient in responding to customer issues. It works in coordination with the development department and has the expert supervision of corporate logistics and billing in order to provide a quality service to the user.

Fully developed in C ++ with relational database, the software produced by Westix-TI offers functionality, resilience, and a business management environment that is easily grasped and personalized by the user.

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