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Gestix Blog and FAQ

Search the Gestix blog for examples, answers to the platform specific issues, step-by step installation instructions technical situations and news and updates about Gestix.

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Cloud Plan

The Yearly Cloud Plan provides the user access to the software Gestix on the Cloud as well as technical support on the operation of the software. Includes daily backup at the server level and automatic software updates.

Support & Download Plan

The Yearly Software Updates Plan grants the user access to technical support and software updates by download. Update your Gestix.


Instructions for downloading and installing the solution

Update GestixInstall on WindowsInstall on Mac OS-XInstall on Linux

Release History

Change log and improvements made over time indicating the software version in which it occurred.

Release History

Annual Support Plans

Cloud Download (no Plan*)
Works on any Internet-enabled device - -
Automatic software updates - -
Updates by manual download - -
Online technical support -
Telephone Help Desk optional optional -
Special price upgrade past 1 year -
The software runs at our data center on premises -
Access after Plan expired - yes, on premises -
Recovery of service in case of failure (data center) 1 hour - -

(*) When not renewed before it expired, the plan ceases to produce effect, applying the conditions "No Plan". The renewal of the annual plan is mandatory to have access to technical support and operation of the software. Do not let the annual plan expire unless you intent to stop using the software.

Supplemental Services

The supplemental help desk services provide response to specific training needs, maintenance, reconfiguration of software among others.

The supplemental help desk services provide response to specific training needs, maintenance, reconfiguration of software among others.

  • On-demand support help desk
  • Remote control intervention
  • Help on operating Gestix
  • Configuring application features
  • Personalization of document layout
  • Printer and device configuration
  • eCommerce and online store integratiion
  • Software installation and update
  • Problems in related software (MySQL, operating system, and other requisites).
  • Conflicts with other software or operating system updates.
  • Networking configuration and hardware problems.
  • Data recovery, lost passwords.

Price +VATValidity periodCases (estimate)Time (approx.)
Help Desk Day€ 491 day1 cases30 minutesbuy
30-day Help Desk€ 9530 days3 cases100 minutesbuy
Standard Help Desk Plan€ 2951 year16 cases480 minutesbuy
Premium Help Desk Plan€ 5951 year40 cases1200 minutesbuy