O seu software é lento e complicado?

Faça upgrade ao seu sistema.

¿Su software es lento y complicado?

Mejora tu sistema.

Votre logiciel est-il lent et compliqué ?

Mettez votre système à niveau.

Is your software slow and complicated?

Upgrade your system.



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About Westix-TI

Westix-TI is an experienced and innovative company in the development of multi-user, multi-store stock management software with certified billing.
Developed from scratch in C++ language on relational databases, the software produced by Westix-TI, Gestix, offers speed, functionality, resilience, and an accessible business management environment, easily appropriated and customized by the user.
Gestix's modular architecture allows solutions tailored to needs, making it easy to upgrade to more concurrent operators and additional modules, without ever losing data or configurations.


Respond to the demand for management IT solutions specially adapted to optimizing resources and streamlining processes, accompanied by attentive and dedicated technical support, focused on accessibility and excellence.
A pioneer in innovative solutions available in the Cloud and On-premises, intuitive, flexible and easily adaptable to the organization's internal and external changes, it seeks to maintain a reference position in the market for technologies at the service of Management.


Provide integrated technological solutions that facilitate the efficient use of human resources, processes and information in companies.
Simplify and speed up the most critical tasks for our clients' strategic and tactical objectives and respond quickly and safely to new functional requirements, even those that involve upgrades and adjustments to the software in order to empower Users for new challenges.


We commit to an honest and cordial relationship with the Customer, with strict observance of the highest standards of honesty, confidentiality and protection of the interests of our Users. At the same time provide:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Tecnologic innovation
  • Excellence in the Service Provided
  • Quick Adaptation to the Customer's Reality
  • Cooperation with Efficiency and Rigor